Monthly Archives: January 2021

7 Character traits to look out for when hiring the dream Field Sales Representative

Building a product and/or service from the ground up is a remarkable thing to achieve given the hurdles that come with getting to the point of finish. Here you are thinking that you are now land dry yet the hardest part is yet to come, selling. As you plan to focus on constant product development […]

Five Misconceptions Manufacturers have about Digitization

The idea of change can be intimidating. Intimidating to the point whereby industry leaders in the Manufacturing Sector are willing to pass up on achievement of overall business growth, that comes with implementation of a digital transformation plan. Myths that come with digital technology transformation sidetracks a lot of manufacturing and distribution companies from proper […]

21 Career Growth steps to Incorporate in 2021

The end of one season and beginning of another brings a lot of mixed feelings regardless of how prepared you think you are. Change brings about fear, uncertainty and even sometimes excitement among other things. You see growth does not come from getting older, having more experience, or changing environments. We can stay the same […]