A Simple App is the Ultimate Sophistication

A Simple App is the Ultimate Sophistication

When companies adopt a new technology or application, they make a mistake of phasing out user friendliness and simplicity by going for complex applications that give a sophisticated impression. Frankly, going with the trends while compromising on the ease of use is a common error that comes back to bite businesses in the long-run.

While showcasing Solutech SAT to potential users, it has become common to be met with management with a juxtaposed idea of what they would like to see.

“A complex to the eye but easy to use app.”

Instead of focusing on simplicity of its use, management opt to focus on the countless number of options available on the home screen that gives the illusion of unmatched ability when in real sense that may not be the case. One major purpose of getting an SFA application is to simplify administrative tasks. Sales reps in the field do not want to be bombarded with multiple options that may be irrelevant to their focus which is selling. They would rather be presented with a straightforward way of performing tasks.

At Solutech we believe that engaging with an application should be a pleasure and not a task. The first requirement for a good app is to meet the EXACT needs of a user without any fuss and next is providing simplicity of the product making it a joy to use. This is therefore why we give the best efforts to keep our application straightforward but still of huge value.

How we manage to achieve this is through:

Customization and Modification

Visualizing an application with endless features can only wear users that have to interact with it on a day-to-day down. Knowing different businesses have different needs , we take our time to identify these needs and structure the app in a way that is useful to the users. From our range of already developed features we give you the option of choosing that of importance and modifying that which needs developing.



Need-Solving Features

Our expertise in handling different manufacturing and distribution industries gives us an upper-hand in narrowing down and creating features that specific to each while answering everyday sales process problems. Each feature is well thought out and well developed to make sure that it contributes to process efficiency.Robust and Straight Forward

Our interface has an :

  • Easy to understand navigation with close to Zero training requirement.
  • Terms used are in everyday sales team vocabulary.
  • Visible font.
  • Icons that are relatable.
  • Conspicuous colors that differentiate important activities like, Check in.

Also equipped with robust capabilities like offline capability, users do not have to worry about field conditions that may hinder their productivity. All of this makes things less overwhelming for the user.

Improved Updates

As business processes progress and change, so do we. Having evangelized the concept of continuous business process change, we research and collect feedback that enables us to provide users with innovative and improved updates keeping our customers a step ahead of by and new value


Solutech SAT is by no means the perfect SFA solution but we aim to give our customers a feeling similar to that of b serving users what they need and when they need it in the most straightforward way possible.


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