Automation Shaping the Delivery Process

We usually describe delivery as the process of voluntary transfer of possession(in this case goods) from one person to another. However it is so much more than that. It is the fulfilling promise that you make to a customer.  Fortunately or unfortunately we are currently living in a world of demand expectations which can cost you a customer if not handled well. Businesses that highly depend on orders know or should be made aware of the fact that their success majorly depends on their delivery efficiency and the extent to which customer satisfaction is met.

The realization of both of the mentioned objectives is by your ability as a business to deploy the right tools to assist you in meeting delivery needs. The right tool should not only assist you in management of the process but also ensure that you can achieve better customer service through efficient and timely deliveries.

Let us breakdown some of the common challenges faced during delivery.


  • Lack of real-time fleet visibility
  • Trouble managing lumpsum paper work
  • Lack of communication with on ground team
  • Trouble knowing vehicle availability
  • Struggle tracking individual’s performance
  • Uncertainty on work schedules on the driver’s end

The mentioned challenges can have very serious and negative effects on your business like

  • Delayed delivery times
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Neglect of top performers which can cause resentment
  • Inaccurate data used for forecasting
  • Decreased productivity

Among many others.

The question that needs asking is whether you are comfortable with delays and angry customers or are you willing to take a step that brings about big change in your process. If you believe that change is inevitable, then your best bet would be to invest in a system that automates your delivery process.

This step is highly beneficial as:

It Streamlines and Automates your process

Business scaling only happens when efficiency is in the picture. Through automation, you remove manual steps in the delivery workflow that would otherwise take up your time and may be full of errors. This streamlines the process, enhancing transparency and increases visibility of field operations

You can Easily assign and Manage orders

Since there is no need to skim through thousands of spreadsheets entries, you can get things done fast as well as track progress. Assigning of orders to available vehicles could never be more easier. With end to end visibility of your entire delivery operations, you get to improve on your order management process.

Real-Time Tracking

When you send out drivers , there is really no way of ascertaining jobs are being done properly. Say goodbye to traditional ways of tracking like having to call the driver to establish their location. You can monitor the whereabouts of your driver at any time as you are getting real-time and accurate information. Aside from location you can track things like distance covered and also be in the know when issues arise while they are en-route.

Better and Fast Communication

Effective communication gives no way for misunderstandings and helps the necessary parties stay informed. The drivers can get updates on the routes and deliveries that need to be taken and made and do not have to rely on notes or phone calls to get the information. The drivers can as well communicate in case of any unforeseen circumstances that might hinder or delay deliveries.

Cost Efficient

It goes without saying that with the ability to track things like distance and expenses you are able to save up on costs . Assigning of multiple orders can be undertaken under one trip and so forth. This very detailed record of transaction helps plan in cutting down on expenses, effectively managing your resources.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

A central dashboard that processes data from order deliveries gives a birds view of your business delivery performance patterns. You can form insights from such information and make informed decisions on the same. The information vitality helps predict future delivery needs and identify areas that need improvement on.

Performance Tracking

Activity visibility can help spot star performers through activities such as number of deliveries made or the time taken to accomplish deliveries all depending on your set KPIs. This way those that deserve  acknowledgement get it and those that need improvement are focused on.

Last but certainly the most important, Customer Satisfaction. An attended to customer is a happy customer. You want them to term you as reliable as that in the end translates to loyalty.  Improving your process equates to customer acquisition and retention.


Solutech Salesforce Automation Tool is a modular and customizable solution which can be deployed by businesses to enable efficient and effective management of delivery process and fleets. It has an easy to use logistics and fleet management dashboard for admin purposes and a user friendly driver’s app.

To know more about how you can improve on your delivery process, reach out to us by clicking here.

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