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Digitizing your Field Sales Process in the COVID-19 Age

COVID-19 turned one year a few weeks ago and while things on ground seem to be more controlled with the measures we adapted, the impact is still felt from all business fronts. The Kenyan economy has suffered dire consequences with a GDP growth drop from 5.4% in 2019 to -0.1% in 2020. As much as […]

What are Facings in Merchandising?

Brands spend a significant amount of time maintaining shelf space through merchandising to make sure that their products are visible and easily accessible to their consumers. If you do understand the essence of good merchandising then you know that it moves goods towards people. A well laid out shelf is visibly inviting which ultimately contributes […]

Offline Functionality in a Sales Mobility App

As a sales representative in the field using a salesforce mobility solution, there are a myriad of obstacles that can obscure internet connectivity. Just to name a few: Remote places with poor network. A slow network service provider. Fluctuations in connectivity. Insufficient data. The list is endless. In such instances, aside from the number one […]