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How Effective is your Product Distribution Strategy?

If you thought that making a product that appeals to the market is the hardest part, think again. Manufacturers know that aside from aggressive marketing, availing your product to the consumer is the third most critical part and can be difficult and confusing if not done the right way. Remember, you are as a good […]

A Simple App is the Ultimate Sophistication

A Simple App is the Ultimate Sophistication

When companies adopt a new technology or application, they make a mistake of phasing out user friendliness and simplicity by going for complex applications that give a sophisticated impression. Frankly, going with the trends while compromising on the ease of use is a common error that comes back to bite businesses in the long-run. While […]

Overcoming Sales Team reluctance to SFA

Sales Force Automation(SFA) is not new to sales managers, sales directors and management because they understand the innumerable benefits like monitoring of field activities and accurate sales forecasting that come with implementing one. Sales team and sales representatives though are usually very adamant when the word pops up as most believe it is a burden […]

Digitizing your Field Sales Process in the COVID-19 Age

COVID-19 turned one year a few weeks ago and while things on ground seem to be more controlled with the measures we adapted, the impact is still felt from all business fronts. The Kenyan economy has suffered dire consequences with a GDP growth drop from 5.4% in 2019 to -0.1% in 2020. As much as […]

Offline Functionality in a Sales Mobility App

As a sales representative in the field using a salesforce mobility solution, there are a myriad of obstacles that can obscure internet connectivity. Just to name a few: Remote places with poor network. A slow network service provider. Fluctuations in connectivity. Insufficient data. The list is endless. In such instances, aside from the number one […]

7 Character traits to look out for when hiring the dream Field Sales Representative

Building a product and/or service from the ground up is a remarkable thing to achieve given the hurdles that come with getting to the point of finish. Here you are thinking that you are now land dry yet the hardest part is yet to come, selling. As you plan to focus on constant product development […]

Five Misconceptions Manufacturers have about Digitization

The idea of change can be intimidating. Intimidating to the point whereby industry leaders in the Manufacturing Sector are willing to pass up on achievement of overall business growth, that comes with implementation of a digital transformation plan. Myths that come with digital technology transformation sidetracks a lot of manufacturing and distribution companies from proper […]

Why Mobility Merchandizing

Companies in the FMCG(Fast Moving Consumable Goods) space have been growing at a tremendous rate during the last few years and are becoming more aggressive about their brand presence and maintaining customer loyalty. Instore campaign still remains a popular answer to the above predicament and this is where Traditional Merchandizing enters the chat. Two of […]

3 Key Benefits of Sales Route Planning to Manufacturers and Distributors

Route planning in sales force automation

Route planning is defined as working out the best and shortest route for distributing with the least amount of time possible while incurring the lowest amount of cost. In marketing terms, it is the most efficient and effective plan to fulfil a particular number of orders. Distributors and logistics companies will employ route planning to […]