Analyze and improve on your product/brand display all while staying ahead of competitors.

  • Are my merchandisers checking into outlets?
  • Are outlets reported by merchandisers in existence?
  • How do I keep track of merchandising activities performed at outlets?
  • How is my brand and products performing in the market?
  • What tactics are my competitors using to stay ahead of competition?
  • How aware are customers of my brand?
  • Are my products always visible and available for customers?

Some of Modern Trade Features

Outlets Check-in with selfie

To ensure a merchandiser is presentable, attends to outlets on time and in person the check-in module utilizes a non-up-loadable selfie with timestamp

Selfie Checkin
Outlets Activity Time Tracker

Track time spent on customer visits and time taken to perform activities

Outlet activity Time Tracker
On shelf Availability

To ensure you do not loose on sales due to stock outs, merchandisers keep track of products availability on shelves.

Solutech SAT on shelf Availability
COmpetitor Activities

Keeping track of competitor activities helps understand your competitive advantages and disadvantages relative to others in the market

Competitor Activities Tracking
Products Availability

For customers to notice Products easily and faster they have to be present and visible on shelves, the app provides planograms to educate on best practices and
is used to audit visibility of products on the shelve

Solutech SAT Products Availability
Competitors’ Current and Future Plans

Provide information to develop strategies that could create competitive advantage in the future and help forecast how competitors might respond to a new product or pricing strategy

Competitor Activities Tracking

To understand products movement in different stores, effectively tracking short expiries play a big role, this informs strategic decisions to be implemented in the
particular store

Solutech Expiries and damages module

To maximize on shelf availability and visibility, which results to more sales, keeping track of Share of shelf is critical

Solutech Share of Shelf Audit
Marketing Surveys

Run custom market surveys on brands or products run custom market surveys on brands or products

Solutech Marketing Survey

Solutech SAT Integrators

Sage Solutech Integrator
SAP Solutech Integrator
Quickbooks Solutech Integrator
Oracle Solutech Integrator

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