About Us

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In 2014, Solutech Limited which started as a custom software development company based in Nairobi Westlands, was founded by individuals with vast experience in building technology solutions.

With our tagline Technology empowering business, we partner with businesses to increase efficiency in operation by understanding their process and creating solutions that users naturally adapt to in their operation.

We have had 100% Success in creating and implementing a Sales Force Automation Software (Solutech SAT), a Human resource management software and a Property Management software among others. With our innovation we have been able to transform how small and large organizations handle their business.


Our Vision

With the dynamic nature of various businesses, where strategies and business models keep changing, it’s important to have technology partners who walk with businesses in the change. Our Vision is to be Africa’s number one trusted sales and distribution automation partner.


Our Mission

To empower small and large businesses by creating efficiencies that bring about growth opportunities and in the process, create employment and improve livelihoods.


Our Core Values

  1. Integrity – We are guided by ethical and moral principles in every decision we make advancing the interests of those we represent.
  2. Teamwork & Excellence – We believe in a collaborative approach to our work as we recognize our team’s success, and that of our customers, is dependent on our ability to work together seamlessly.
  3. Family – In acknowledging that our team is a family that has nurtured a culture for caring for one another, we strive to build this type of relationship with our valued customers.
  4. Accountability – We honor commitments to our customers and to one another by accepting responsibility for anything we do. We pair timely completion with high quality.
  5. Innovation – In embracing creativity and innovation, we believe our team is a fountain of new ideas fueling better products and services for our customers.
  6. ResponsibilityOur concept of reliability extends beyond our solutions. It includes the service providers, our delivery mechanism, how we test our solutions and ourselves as individuals. We are dependable and we deliver reliable results.

Our team

 Meet the innovative, driven and creative individuals who power Solutech Limited

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