Automate your Field Sales and Distribution process with the Leading Sales Automation Experts

  1. E Efficiency in field operations
  2. V Visibility of field activities and product movement
  3. G Growth in business, revenue, customers and market share

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Our Solutions

Field Sales Automation Tool

Field Sales Automation Tool

Selling decisions made easier with actionable product and customer insight

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Merchandising Tool

Analyze and improve on your product and brand display all while staying ahead of competitors

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Solutech Merchandising Tool

Order Management Tool

Ensures smooth order flow to fulfillment, eliminating order process bottlenecks

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Logistics Management

Plan and coordinate the timely, safely and effective  movement of your products

Solutech Delivery App

Delivery App

Drivers are one of the most important links in the final stages of the supply chain as they are the last touchpoint in the customer journey. Our delivery app streamlines tasks for drivers allowing them to increase productivity


We Serve All Industries

We have over 7 years of experience in different industries and markets.

Every industry has different technological requirements which we address by developing custom and customer centric solutions to increase competitiveness for success in the digital age

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Sales Rep App

Sales Rep App

Simplifies sales reps day to day field activities hence saving on time and increasing productivity.

Executive App

Executive App

Unlocks your sales representatives potential using real-time and accurate data from the field.

Solutech Web dashboard

Web Dashboard

Obtain actionable insights and custom reports that you can make informed decisions with to drive business growth.


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Customers Mapped and Served

+300 M USD

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We value your feedback and the partnership that we have

” In the past things used to be manually done but since we went digital with Solutech, our sales, reports and data collection has improved. Their customer support system and Sales Force Automation Tools are way much better compared to their competitors.
Via the mobile app, our Demand Signal Repository (DSRs) have been able to improve on time management skills, route coverage and customer relation.
Data collection has improved compared to the past and also being in a position to track our history in an improved/ efficient way. “

” With the rising need for tech in the Manufacturing and Distribution Industry Sector, there is a need for leveraging on tech to enhance through-put by automating business processes to grow revenue. Tentatively, this has become a priority across the board and we couldn’t go wrong picking Solutech as one of our software dev partners. They have demonstrated agility, flexibility and adaptive nature in contributing to our business growth. I’m delighted to be working closely with THE SOLUTECH GROUP. ”

” I am generally very impressed with Solutech as a company and their Sales Force Automation system. They have customized and optimized the system to our liking and having been a customer for 3 years, we have greatly enjoyed their services, speed to action and execution. ”

” With the recent introduction of the Solutech Sales Force Automation system into our operations and in particular the Order Management Tool, this has significantly cut down the time and loopholes experienced prior in the distribution of our products. In our internal processes, the system has enabled for fast collaboration and visibility within departments to ensure quick responses to customer inquiries ranging from logistics operations, credit limit and consistency in order processing. ”

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