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Solutech Partners Pezesha
Solutech Partners Pezesha


We are now partnering with Pezesha as our credit partner to offer affordable working capital and inventory credit to retailers and distributors in our value chain. This will in turn increase sales, access to new customer networks and business growth

Solutech Partners Finserver Africa
Solutech Partners Finserver Africa


We enable businesses to process payments swiftly through cards (debit, credit) andmobile money in multi-currencies across 180+ countries

We are open to new partnerships

A partnership with Solutech Limited can help in:

  1. Exchange of knowledge, skills, expertise, and insights in order to provide innovative solutions to organisations;
  2. Provision Salesforce automation and Merchandising solutions for FCMG (Fast Consumer Moving Goods) manufacturers;
  3. Provision of custom software solutions that meet the needs of the end users.

We are open to partnerships with the National Government, County Governments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), civil society and advocacy organisations, Donors and international development partners, Technological Startups and Strategic Partners in technology.