Top Websites for Software Developers, Programmer, and Technologists( Part 1)

Programmers, Technologists, Software Developers in this era have their work cut out a bit easy for them due to emerging platforms that enhances productivity.

This week I have chosen to highlight three of them that have( from experience) made some of Solutech Limited developers work efficient.

  1. Stack Overflow

Stack overflow is one of those websites that are God-sent. Stack Overflow helps you get answers to your toughest coding questions, share knowledge with your coworkers in private, and find your next dream job all under one roof.

Contrary to other sites that offer the same, Stack Overflow is precise and direct to the point. The site is configured in a way that discourages opinion based questions which may generate discussions but favors questions that generates answers. When a question is posed and answers are given, the answer which is considered of most value rises to the top, making it easy find. Not forgetting the tags feature that enables one to narrow down on topics they are interested in reading about.

Given that Stack Overflow is big on credibility, the reputation score card feature they have only supports this. When one poses questions of significance as well as gives answers that are voted relevant, your reputation score automatically goes up, unlocking more exciting features.

So if you are have a keen interest in learning, sharing knowledge, collaborating, and building your career, stack overflow is the platform for you.

2.) GitHub

When GitHub is mentioned the first thing that comes to my mind, is access controls and collaboration features. Due to the basic tools for task management and project handling, Github is perfect for project management. So, the “Git” implies the version control system; a tool which allows developers to keep track of the constant revisions to their code. The “Hub” is the community of like-minded individuals who participate. It is all about the collaborative effort of the community, in reviewing, improving, and deriving new ideas from the uploaded code.

The Fork, Pull and Merge feature is what makes GitHub worth looking into. Forking is copying a repository from one user’s account to another. This enables you to take a project that you don’t have write access to and modify it under your own account. If you make changes you’d like to share, you can send a notification called a “pull request” to the original owner. That user can then, with a click of a button, merge the changes found in your repo with the original repo. This makes it easy to contribute to open source projects without altering what existed before.

GitHub is definitely something worth looking into if looking to make teamwork easier.

3) Growth.Design

We all know how case studies can be of so much help when it comes to identification of key issues backed with theoretical concepts with the intent of determining a course of action. Growth. Design offers case studies that help designers, product leaders & marketers build better experiences for their customers.

Despite Growth design being considered as an emerging field, it is crucial for business growth. Given that it is a balance between product thinking, interaction, visual design and customer empathy with user-centric discipline, it addresses problems at different layers of customer awareness and interaction. Growth design as a guardian of user experience, pushes the growth team to ensure everyone is focused on business success — through the lens of user success.

Case studies offered on Growth.Design highlight meaningful experiences that can be studied and analyzed with the purpose of developing user friendly products, avoiding mistakes made by predecessors in your field and growing your business.


I guarantee incorporating these three platforms in your day to day activities as a tech enthusiast will definitely make things easier not only for you but for your team as well.

Have a lovely week ahead as you brace yourself to welcome a new month.

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