Solutech Limited’s Evolution


When I was asked to share my story as a founder of Solutech Limited, it dawned on me that in my entire career, both at and off Solutech, this has never been asked of me. Taking on the challenge, I must confess, looking back, only one thought comes to mind, “it has been a humbling experience thus far.”

Founding Solutech and reaching where we are today is a classic example of a quote, which we often read in books, “If you desire something and manifest it with a clear mind and pure heart, it does happen in mysterious ways.

The thought of doing something in the IT industry first occurred to me in the year 2005. It wasn’t until 2013, that I was introduced to my fellow co-founders. After two years of working together, Solutech Limited was born. Looking back, I must say, it did happen in a mysterious way.

The beauty is that, even after 6 years of existence, we have maintained our focus and energy, sticking to the key principle which was the basis of forming Solutech – Technology Empowering Business. A principle that happens to also be our slogan.  Wanting to be different from the rest in the industry(who at the time were emulating International IT organizations), we sought to stand out as being locally owned, supported and developed. In that, we saw a reason for our existence.

Solutech from day one, focuses on creating bespoke solutions on mobility and digital platforms. As of today, our scope is even greater with multiple software solutions and with an outlook that is not only regional but continent wide. I am grateful for the support of my co-founders and of course our clients, whom we would not exist without. One day we shall be known to the world for creating a difference through automating and digitizing business processes by increasing process visibility and transparency, scaling businesses.

Our clients’ growth is two folds:

  1. Through transparency they can expand their business knowing the gaps they need to fill.
  2. Through visibility they can cut costs, tightening the loopholes in their existing processes.

The art of taking our time to know their businesses intimately and understanding the competitive environment they work in to be able to develop powerful strategies and solutions, is what sets us apart. We help them look forward and plan, preparing them for new challenges and opportunities. This benefit that our clients enjoy through our software solutions and service, eventually trickles down to their clients and hence, I am glad the little things we do daily, create an impact in people’s lives.

I am always glad to see progress as I often associate progress with evolution. I am happy that we are on the right path. I am happy to see the team of four founders have created employment of 25 people in the 7th year. I am happy that this year as well more, team members will be added. I am happy to note that our clients are happy, cause we not only engage with clients as a vendor, but as considered partners in their growth strategy. I am happy to have a family of young and talented individuals of different tribes and cultures working together towards one common goal.

Isn’t that evolution?

I desire that this journey consistently continues the way it has been so far.

I am indeed, forever grateful.

Jinal Savla

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