Utilizing Field Rep Check-ins

An app’s embedded features are like treasures waiting to be discovered. And even then, you may never know the immense change or benefits it can bring to your business until you fully utilize it. A good example would be the check-in feature on field sales app

The GPS enabled check-in feature can be used to monitor sales rep’s visits and daily movements. Both which can be used to positively boost field sales operations.
Ways to effectively use this feature to advantage is by:

 Customers Visit Efficiency

The time spent visiting and interacting with customers can be calculated to evaluate a number of things.

  • In comparison to other reps, you can calculate the average time your reps are expected to spend at outlets. If a rep is spending a way shorter time with the customer, a different approach needs to be taken. Ensure that visits are maximized as much as possible.
  •  Customer visit frequency. Get to see which customers are visited the most  and happen to frequently buy products. From this, you can create a target market to focus on based off the goods bought.
  • Strategize on untapped customers. Reps assigned to a route with customers that they do not visit calls for a shift in focus. It could be sheer neglect or they might prefer a competitor’s brand. Either way, you need to be in the know.

Effective Route Planning

Practicing proximity-based route planning can be done after an evaluation of check-in movement. Reps who have scattered customers risk losing time on travelling or getting from one place to another. This is as opposed to reps who have well laid out routes  with near customers allowing for maximized time.
With a planned convenient route plan, reps get to visit more customers and be proactive. Your business also gets to save on money while making sales out of it. It’s a win-win

Transparent Reimbursement 

Expense instances that are incurred in the field are unavoidable and you need to be ready to deal with them as they come. However, how accurate is the report on expenses  submitted by the sales rep? For example,  to avoid overcompensating from inaccurate reporting, mileage track. Mileage tracking from one customer to another proves essential in compiling a way to reimburse on fuel and what a view.

Even so, remember that the goal is to be aware of all-on-going sales activities. This is to help improve on productivity while eliminating errors in the sales process. You do not want to micro-manage and lose sight of the bigger picture which is business growth.


Solutech SAT
Our sales automation tool is all-in-one that sales management can use to keep track of real-time field activity of sales reps.
Our Check-in feature with geo-fenced customer visits gives a range of information that you can use to your advantage as highlighted on the previous blog post.
The data gathered from customer check-ins can help you as a manager, make better decisions when it comes to field selling.

To learn more about our enabling features, you can reach out to us!


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